Created concept and UX design for a mobile app designed to help keep couples organized with a shared calendar and to-do lists.

Best-at Statement:

My shared tasks and calendar app for couples is the best in its category at keeping a couple’s shared life organized and improving communication between partners.

The Story:

The Entrepreneur

Name: Sophie Jacobs

Age: 32

Job Title: Owner of Jacobs Design House

Marital Status: Married

Sophie is the busy owner of her own interior design business. She and her husband, Jake, don’t have kids yet but she managers her 5 employees, all aspects of the business finances, plus all of her Jake’s obligations. Jake is also quite busy with his demanding job in finance and often forgets things, like when he and Sophie have a social event or that he promised to pick up cat litter. Sophie would love for there to be an easier way to coordinate and keep track of events and responsibilities when they are apart during the day.

Survey Results:

In order to test for the need of this sort of application I created a quick, simple survey and shared it with facebook friends. I received 60 responses and upon analyzing the results received the validation I was looking for that this app would be useful and successful to people in committed relationships.

Only 5% of people reported that they “never” had difficulty communicating with their significant other regarding household task. 41% of people report they had trouble “frequently” or “sometimes.”

A combined 74% of people answered that their significant other “frequently (25.42%)” or “sometimes (45.76%)” needed a reminder when a significant event like a wedding or birthday was approaching.

A combined 86% of people answered that they “frequently (46.55%)” or “sometimes(39.66%)” needed to coordinate schedules with their partner.

56% of people answered that they communicate well and/or efficiently when it comes to task delegation but they could be better.

For the write-in portion, I asked survey-takers what would make coordinating tasks and schedules with their partner easier or more efficient. Most people who chose to answer said that improved communication would be ideal, some said that an easy way to encourage more participation from their partner would be helpful, and one person even suggested a shared app.

Basic Architecture



*An interactive PDF of this mockup can be downloaded here.*


Push notifications are sent to the user’s partner when a comment, event or list is added, or when a list or event has been changed. The up and down arrows on the side of the phone indicate when the user can drag an item to rearrange the order of a list. The left-facing arrows indicate that the feature appears when the user swipes left.